The lowest NEET Qualifying scores ever this year

NEET Qualifying Marks

By  Supraja Prakash

Sept,10th 2022

The minimum required score to be admitted to a medical college has fallen to its lowest levels ever, standing at 16% (117 out of 720) for the open category and 13%  for the reserved categories.

This is equivalent to the open and reserved categories' respective cutoffs of the 50th and 40th percentiles.

The cutoff scores have often ranged from 105 to 120 for reserved categories and between 130 and 140 for general categories.

To put the figures into perspective, a student might realistically anticipate to receive a score of 120 if they know the answers to just 20 of the 180 questions.

NEET Qualifying Marks While someone who is confident in just 13 of the 180 answers can  anticipate receiving 93 marks.

This is made possible by the marking system, which gives four marks for each correct response and subtracts one for any incorrect response.

There are 200 questions for the students, including 50Q each in physics, chemistry, botany, and zoology. For a perfect score of 100%, or 720 points, they just need to get 180 of these 200Q right.