Prabhas' cheat Day Meal included 15 varieties of biryani!

On October 23, Prabhas will celebrate the conclusion of another journey around the sun.

Prabhas has gone as far as losing and gaining 20 kilos!

Prabhas went through rigorous weight training sessions, including deadlifts, and bench press, in order to create a strong, muscular body.

You should observe Prabhas's performance on that day. "I have 10-15 different types of biryanis, only biryanis," Rajamouli stated at an event.

varieties of fish, chicken, and mutton, as well as curries and fries. "You can only picture the type of show he has," he continued.

Prabhas has delivered biryani meals to several of his co-stars, including Saif Ali Khan, who will appear in 'Adipurush.'

Working on 'Project K,' Prabhas would frequently send big quantities of home-cooked food, which Amitabh Bachchan adored.

Prabhas enjoys volleyball, as well as cycling and swimming, which helps him burn calories.

Prabhas ensures that he burns a lot of calories by going to the gym for hours and working out with all of his energy.