Stock Market Muhurat Trading Time 2022 on Diwali

When should I trade on the BSE and NSE during the Diwali Muhurat of 2022? What makes it unique?

The two most renowned stock exchanges in the world, the BSE and the NSE, will host a one-hour special Muhurat Trading session on October 24.

Stock Market Muhurat TradingThe stock exchanges published separate circulars announcing the time period for the symbolic trading session: 6:15 to 7:15. Time 2022 on Diwali

Trading at the right time, or muhurat, is supposed to bring stakeholders wealth and financial success.

We think Muhurat Trading is an excellent prospect for millennials and first-time investors.

There would be Muhurat Trading  in a variety of markets, including stock, commodity derivatives, currency derivatives, and equity futures.

Stock Market Muhurat trading session is thought to be extremely lucky for delivering wealth and happiness over the entire year.

Muhurat trading could be advantageous for investors. If you start the session long, then close your holdings when the deal is done.