When it comes to Instagram, Mira Rajput is a star who often updates her fans and followers on her activities.

This time, Mira posted a flashback photo to Instagram to greet her childhood friend.

On Instagram, Mira Rajput posted the cutest birthday wishes for her childhood friend.

She shared an old photo of herself with her friend Ishita.

Having a big smile on her face, Mira was wearing a pink t-shirt in the image that was shared.

Ishita, her friend, had preferred to wear light blue.

They both had the cutest faces as they lingered in each other's company.

The caption read, "Happy Birthday Ishhh. Love you since 19-god knows what. @ishitawassan".

The caption expresses up nicely how long Mira has known Ishita as a friend and how deeply connected they are emotionally.