At the New York airport, Keanu Reeves responds affectionately to a young fan's "rapid-fire questions ."

On today's flight from London to NYC, Keanu Reeves was a passenger. At luggage, a young youngster requested a signature before asking a series of quick questions. 

Keanu answered each one with a smile. Andrew tweeted a statement after posting a picture. Following that, the producer tweeted all of the boy's inquiries and Keanu's responses. 

Taking to  twitter TV producer Andrew Kimmel tweeted about the interaction between the actor and his fan and included a photo of it.

Cute Response from Keanu Reeves to a Young Fan

At the baggage area, a young youngster requested an autograph and then started asking a series of quick questions.

After providing one of his biggest fans the most memorable experience, Keanu Reeves once again demonstrated that he is a man of the people.