Ace's second birthday in 2015 was celebrated with balloon animals and face paint.

In 2016, Simpson celebrated her son's third birthday with the dinosaur party of his dreams, complete with T-Rex balloons .

Before boarding a private jet in 2016, Mom and Dad took a photo with their "travel buddies."

Simpson and her husband dressed up as Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko from Grease for Halloween 2016, while Maxwell was a colourful parrot and Ace was an octopus.

This four-person family celebrated Easter 2017 with a sweet PDA moment. Ace sat on his father's shoulders as Eric kissed his wife. Maxwell puckered up in front of them.

At her mermaid-themed fifth birthday party in 2017, Maxwell demonstrated that she had mastered the art of posing like her mom.

With the help of Moana and Maui from Disney, Ace turned 4 in 2017. The four members of the family were dressed in tropical attire.

In 2017, Simpson dressed as Willie Nelson, Johnson as Waylon Jennings, and the children as a cowboy and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

In 2018, Maxwell celebrated her sixth birthday at a circus themed Greatest Showman-inspired party while wearing a purple leotard and pink hair.