How Can I Study Abroad Without Taking IELTS?

How Can I Study Abroad Without Taking IELTS?

To study abroad, you must pass a language competency test. There are, however, numerous universities around the world that offer options for studying abroad without IELTS.

Is it acceptable to study abroad without taking the IELTS exam?

To study abroad without IELTS, you must provide verification of school certificates indicating that you studied English as a subject from the eighth to the twelfth grades.

Which nations have study abroad programmes that do not require IELTS?

Several nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, and the Netherlands, offer programmes that do not require IELTS.

Top Universities for IELTS-Free Study in the UK

1.Sheffield Hallam University 2.Birmingham City University 3.University of Warwick 4.Brunel University 5.Bangor University 6.Sheffield Hallam University 7.Birmingham City University 8.University of Warwick 9.Brunel University

Best Canadian Universities to Attend Without IELTS

1.Concordia University 2.Brock University 3.Memorial University 4.Cambrian University 5.McGill University 6.Concordia University 7.Brock University 8.Memorial University 9.Cambrian University 10.McGill University

Best Universities to Attend in the US Without IELTS

1.State University of New York 2.Pace University 3.Drexel University 4.Rice University 5.University of Dayton 6.State University of New York 7.Pace University 8.Drexel University 9.Rice University 10.University of Dayton

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