Gujarat Morbi Bridge FAQ | Cable Bridge on Machchhu river

What IS Morbi bridge? 

The Suspension Bridge, an architectural wonder constructed at the beginning of the century, is a reflection of the Morbian kings' progressivism and scientific bent.

What IS Morbi bridge? 

This was created utilising the most advanced technologies available at the time in Europe to give Morbi a distinctive identity.

100-year-old bridge 

It connects Lakhdhirji Engineering College with Darbargadh Palace on the Machchhu River and is 1.25 metres wide.

Who built Morbi bridge? 

The 230-meter-long Morbi bridge, often known as the "hanging bridge," was constructed in the 19th century while Britain was in control of the region.

Closed for last six months 

For the last six months, the Morbi bridge remained inaccessible due to reconstruction and maintenance work.

Closed for last six months 

In preparation for Diwali and other celebrations, it was reopened to the public on October 26.

Closed for last six months 

It has undergone several rounds of remodelling and repair work throughout the years.

2022 Morbi bridge collapse 

A 143-year-old suspension bridge that spans the Machchhu River in Morbi, Gujarat, India, collapsed around 6:40 on October 30, 2022.