Exorcises herself from "The Masked Singer," a horror film legend abruptly leaves show.

Thanksgiving Eve has just passed, but The Masked Singer's costume contest is Halloween every day.

The show's Fright Night episode, which culminated with two so talented it's terrifying horror icons being exposed by the witching hour, showed that it was still in the Halloween mood on Wednesday.

The Scarecrow, a participant who went on to become one of the greatest symbols of horror cinema

conducted a self-exorcism by revealing herself, giving this extremely shaky horror film show a surprise conclusion.

Only one other celebrity had ever done this in the history of The Masked Singer, and that was in Season 4 when Mickey "The Gremlin" Rourke violently tore off his mask and abruptly quit

While the Scarecrow went about it less horribly than Mickey had.

and she really had a far greater chance than Mickey'd had of moving on to the next round,

the Scarecrow volunteered to remove her own pumpkin-head and lose the tournament this week.