Ecuador v Qatar Highlights | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Ecuador with estupignan sending it into the penalty area and al-sheb coming out and not getting hold of the ball and it sent you to the middle of the World Cup and the goal has been disallowed  

Shadow a lovely ball forward collected by Michael Estrada and qatar's defense have been opened up again here referee has a look referee points to the  Penalty spot 

Valencia for Ecuador it's one nil this time the goal will count and Ecuador can celebrate 

here's casedo back into preciado decent looking boy it's too same player twice the advantage two nil Ecuador 

what a day for Anna Valencia yes Pedro Miguel and he's away from a stupignon for the first time in the  Match  

that's a good ball chance as well a little bit Wayward with that one and he could pay for it here beaten Away by El sheep there was an opportunity there for ibala 

here's Hassan into the middle it goes on the header wide of the goal didn't quite find the right pass Ecuador five minutes away plus added time from three precious points is that about 

No no so close the month of football is underway and we've had a couple of goals in the Opening match there's the man who got them it's finished Qatar nil Ecuador two