Diwali Holiday Date Change in both Telugu States

The governments of both the Telugu states have taken a crucial decision regarding the Diwali holiday

Governments first announced Diwali holiday on October 25. But the latest circulars have been issued changing the holiday date to October 24 

With this, all government employees will have a holiday on Monday. Schools and colleges are also announcing holidays on Monday instead of Tuesday. 

Diwali falls on October 25 according to the calendar. But that day there was solar eclipse from 5.11 pm to 6.27 pm 

Agama scholars and priests say that the festival cannot be celebrated because the Amavasya clocks will disappear on that day. So it is suggested to celebrate the festival on that day 

There has been some confusion regarding the dates of this year's festivals since the beginning. But in the case of Diwali 

this confusion has reached a peak. Diwali is said to be on 24th October in some places and 25th in other places 

With the decision of the government, there has been a clarity. Anyway, Sunday is a holiday.. Monday festival holiday.. So there are two back to back holidays