Blair Underwood is getting married to his 41-year friend.

Friends-to-lovers is redefined by Blair Underwood. The actress and his longtime friend Josie Hart are engaged. On November 21, Underwood attended the 2022 International Emmys.

The highlight of my night was walking the red carpet with my new companion Josie Hart," Underwood posted on November 22 on Instagram.

"The most amazing, brilliant, beautiful, funny, insightful, and sensitive person I know." Underwood, 58, claimed that he didn't know Hart prior to his notoriety.

"A great future awaits girls! She helped me before I became an actress; the road that God chooses for us is unknown. You stand up, take notice, and give God thanks when a 41-year friendship develops into a relationship.

Following his divorce from Desiree DaCosta, with whom he had three children—Paris, 25, Blake, 21, and Brielle, 23—Underwood announced his commitment.

"A lovely journey. The couple declared their separation on Instagram in May 2021. "

Our three children are our greatest successes," they said. Parenting never ceases to astound and humble us.

Their needs will always come first. We will continue to be the greatest of friends and coparents even as we begin a new chapter of our lives apart.