Incredible Violet Flowers for the Garden

By Supraja Prakash

Oct 29, 2022

Purple is a royal and sophisticated colour. These violet-family flowers range from soothing lavender to vivid, eye-catching purple, so take your pick!

The morning glories may be the first thing that catches your eye when you leave your house for a morning stroll. They open up in the afternoon after blooming in the early morning.

The therapeutic properties of morning glories were first identified by the Chinese!

Lilac This woody plant, which has clusters of delicate violet blossoms, frequently represents spirituality.

Verbena  This heat-tolerant plant is a great option for violet enthusiasts because its long-lasting blossoms illuminate your landscape all day.

Lavender Lazy gardeners should plant lavender. Even with inconsistent watering, they continue to bloom without interruption. The only requirement is enough of sunlight! ay.

Lavender Every component of the lavender plant, not only the flower, has a calming scent that can help with sleeplessness and anxiety.

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