Bank Holidays for 3 consecutive days on Diwali

Customers of banks should be aware of bank holidays. Holidays for three days in a row around Diwali. complete information

Banks will be closed for three straight days, from Oct. 22 to Oct. 24.

The fourth Saturday of Oct. is a bank holiday. On Sunday, Oct. 23, banks all around the nation will be closed.

In the month of October, 20 days have already passed. Due to other festivals such as Dussehra, banks will be closed for several days during the first three weeks of this month.

However, there are variations in bank holidays between states and cities.

If there are important local festivals, many states will close their banks.

Banks will be closed for three days in a row, from the 22nd to the 24th. On the fourth Saturday of the month, the 22nd is a bank holiday.

Banks throughout the country will be closed on Sunday, OCt 23rd. Banks will be closed on the 24th of this month to celebrate Diwali.