Who is Anna Mani, the woman on Google’s Doodle today?

 To celebrate the 140th birthday of meteorologist Anna Mani, Google has developed a doodle.

Google Doodle Anna Mani

Google Doodle: Who is Anna Mani?

Anna Mani, the Indian physicist and meteorologist

Google Doodle: Who is Anna Mani?

On August 23, 1918, Anna Mani was born in the Keralan village of Peerumade to a family of Syrian Christians.

What are her significant contributions ?

In 1987, Anna received the INSA's Award for her remarkable work in meteorology.

She also held a number of important roles at the United Nations World Meteorological Organization and served as the Deputy Director General of the India Meteorological Department.

Anna Mani Wanted to become a dancer but became friends with physics

She had always wanted to be a dancer, but she joined physics to support the family.

Many nationalists found Anna Mani's life to be an inspiration. She advocated for civil disobedience, and as a mark of her national identity, she only wore Khadi.