Amul and Mother Dairy Increase Milk Prices by Rs. 2 Per Litre Beginning Today; Learn More

On Tuesday, the GCMMF, which sells milk and other dairy products under the Amul brand, announced a 4% price rise for milk.

Amul Gold would cost Rs 31 for every 500 ml, Amul Taaza Rs 25 for every 500 ml, and Amul Shakti Rs 28 for every 500 ml.

The cost of milk has increased by Rs 2 per litre at Mother Dairy as well.

Both brands have raised milk prices twice in the past six months; earlier in March, both had done so by 2 cents per litre.

Full-cream milk will now cost Rs 61 per litre at Mother Dairy, up from Rs 59 per litre as of Wednesday. Toned milk would cost Rs. 51 per litre, while double toned milk will cost Rs. 45 per litre. 

The increase in operating expenses and milk output is the reason for this price increase.

When compared to previous year, the cost of feeding cattle alone has grown by about 20%.