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Verizon Credit Card Login

About Verizon Credit Card

The Visa Card from Synchrony Bank is amazing. It provides rewards in a wide range of categories for a card with no annual fees. The card is available via Synchrony Bank.

This area allows you to view your paperless online statement, review transaction history, make online payments using credit cards, and download account activity, among other things. Credit Card Account Login Page for Verizon. Depending on the plan, paperless payment and autopay can save Verizon customers up to $10 per month on their line or account.

Usually, the reduction is only offered to individuals who pay with a payment card or bank account. Transactions with credit cards are often not eligible. You might, however, save money by using the Visa Visa(r) Credit Card automatic payments.

How to do Verizon Credit Card Login?

After completing the account registration process, clients receive Verizon Credit Card login credentials.

  • For view ones Verizon Credit Card account details, go to
  • From then, the login page will be displayed online on a smartphone or laptop’s display.
  • Both a username and a password must be entered.
  • If you’re connected to a secure internet connection, select “Remember Your User ID” to preserve your login information.
  • Simply tap “Secure Login” and then hit the “Secure Login” option.

How to Register Verizon Credit Card Account Online?

When register for a Verizon credit card online, that serves as a credit card but not a debit card, complete these steps:

Verizon Credit Card Login

  • Go to this website:
  • Enter your bank account information as well as your zip code.
  • Then tap to proceed.
  • For register for an account, follow the steps below. You must first create an account.
  • A password and User ID are required.
  • That’s all! You may now connect to the internet.

How to Retrieve Verizon Credit Card Login Details?

You do not need to be anxious if you are unable to access into your Verizon credit card login however after entering the right User ID. For modify your password, follow the instructions below.

Verizon Credit Card Login

  • Navigate to
  • You’ll spot “I have forgotten my login or password” underneath the Secure Login option.
  • Continue using the Password selection.
  • Users must input thier username as well as your zip code before proceeding with the procedure.
  • Make a completely new password at this point.
  • Login in with their new password now.

Verizon Credit Card Payment

You have three options for paying your Verizon credit card account.

Make a Payment Online

  • When make payment, you must first sign into your Verizon Credit Card account using one of the ways listed above. You will be able to make purchases with your credit card.

By Phone

  • If make a phone payment, call Synchrony Bank Customer Service at (866) 313-9396 or the number written on the back of your card during the hours stated below.
  • Monday through Sunday, 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Through Mail

  • Please send your funds to the address shown below. Make certain that your cash arrive on time before the deadline.

Atlanta, GA 30353-0916 Verizon VisaPO BOX 530916

  • The Verizon website or by phoning 866-313-9396 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Sunday. They will provide you with extra information on managing your Verizon Credit Card accounts online.

Verizon Credit Card Customer Service

  • When you need to contact with a customer care agent about your Verizon credit card information, the best time to reach them is between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. On Sundays, customer service is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • During these hours, personnel are ready to assist you with any inquiries about your attached invoice or account.

Verizon Credit Card Services

As a Verizon customer, you might be wondering if the company accepts credit cards. Anyone can register for a credit or debit card that can be used both in-store and online using your Verizon account.

There are various benefits to utilising the Verizon credit card. For example, you may get an extra 10% off your purchases.

You’ll also get a 0% APR introductory rate on balance transfers and purchases, which might help you save a lot of money when you have credit card debt.


1. Verizon credit card is issued by which bank?
The Verizon Visa(r) card, which is only accessible to Verizon subscribers and is offered by Synchrony Bank, may assist you in saving money on your monthly phone bill. There are no annual fees with this card, and it offers an automatic payment discount, up to $100 in promotional credits, and at least 4% cash back on qualified transactions.

2. Is it possible to view our credit card account online?
Whether you obtained credit cards from your existing credit organization or bank, you may be able to access your credit card account using your existing online bank account. Although not, look at the bottom of your card for the internet address of your credit card, where you may establish an account online.

3. How can I make a credit card payment?
Payments may be made at branches using a debit card, a check, or cash from your bank account. It is critical to pay at least the minimum amount owing every month on the deadline specified on your most current statement.





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