PNC Credit Card Login, Payment Customer Service & Phone Number

Offering a solution for banking on the move is the best way PNC can show its commitment to its consumers. Users of  PNC Credit Card Login may now monitor the use of their cards, set up balance alerts, and access their rewards through their online bank account. This instruction below will show you how to enrol for the first time, log into your account, or even renew your password.

PNC Credit Card Login

About PNC Credit Card

PNC is a banking and financial services organisation that offers both personal and commercial customers a variety of tools and services. Retail Banking, Asset Management Group, Corporate and Institutional Banking, and Residential Mortgage Banking are their primary financial services.

The financial services firm PNC Financial Services is the issuer of the PNC Credit Card, an electronic payment card with their logo on it. The business issues and manages a variety of cards, including charge, credit, and prepaid cards. All around the United States and the rest of the world, PNC cards are accessible to private customers, small-business owners, and corporate clients.

How to do PNC Credit Card Login?

Customers may simply access their PNC credit card login page by using the below-listed steps.


  • Log in to your PNC Card at
  • Type in your user name and password.
  • Click the login button to access your PNC Card customer dashboard after that.

How to Enrol for PNC Credit Card Account Online?

PNC Credit Card Login

  • You must choose the Enroll In Online Banking link from the same Log In drop-down menu, then click on Personal.
  • Read the necessary information to enrol online, then click Get Started.
  • Enter your Social Security Number, PNC Visa or Debit Card PIN, and PNC Account Number to confirm your identity.
  • After your identification has been confirmed, finish your registration by completing the following four steps to choosing your sign-in credentials, answering security questions, assenting to the terms and conditions, reviewing your new online account, and signing on.

PNC Credit Card Activation

If you recently received a new PNC Credit Card, you must activate it before using it. The steps listed below can be used to activate your PNC Card.

  • Visit the PNC Card activation page and PNC Credit Card log in.
  • Enter the PNC Card Card login information.
  • From the top menu bar, choose Customer Service, then Self Service.
  • Under Credit/Charge Account, click Activate a Card.
  • To finish the activation, enter the card details and adhere to the instructions.

PNC Credit Card Mobile App Activation

From the Apple Store or Google Play Store, download the PNC mobile app. See the advice listed below.

  • Log in to the PNC app on your phone.
  • Pick Manage cards from the menu bar.
  • Choose the card that needs to be activated.
  • Opt for Activate Card. Choose the card you want to activate and click Continue if you have numerous cards that need to be activated.
  • Enter your card details and SSN’s last four digits, then click “Activate.”

How to Restore PNC Credit Card Login Details?

Select the PNC Credit Card Login box on the home page to get your User ID or password back:

  • Select the PNC Credit Card Login details of Forgot User ID or Password? option located just beneath the User ID entry in the Login box.
  • After reading the criteria and directions for changing your password, click the Start Reset Password link.
  • Enter your Online Banking User ID, Social Security Number, and PNC PNC Credit Card Login account number to confirm your identity.
  • Once your information has been validated, take any further actions prompted by the PNC website, such as answering security questions and changing your password, until you hear back from them and are able to access your online account.

PNC Credit Card Payment

How to Use a PNC Credit Card to Pay Bills Online?

You may use the PNC Credit Card to make a variety of online bill payments. Online payment is, nevertheless, the most practical method.

  • Enter your login information on the PNC credit card website.
  • Toggle to the Payment tab.
  • At this point, select the Make a Payment option.
  • enter your credit card details
  • Verify your payment information, then press the “Submit” button.

PNC Credit Card Payment Address

PNC Bank 
P.O.Box 3429,
Pittsburgh, PA 15230.

PNC Credit Card Mobile App

Interesting enough, you can use your smartphone to access your PNC Card login. Install the PNC Mobile App after downloading it from the Google Play or Apple stores.

You can simply and securely manage your PNC credit card and bank accounts from anywhere with the PNC Card App. From your mobile device, you may manage your rewards, make and change payments, access your account information, check your account balance, and more.

PNC Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number

  • For payments and other help, call 1-800-558-8472 for PNC credit card customer support.



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