NEET PG Exam 2022 Postponed by 6-8 weeks-Says Health Ministry

NEET PG Exam 2022 Postponed by 6-8 weeks: The Union Health Ministry has postponed the NEET PG Exam for 2022 by 6-8 weeks. The statement came ahead of a Supreme Court petition requesting a postponement of the exam. The NEET PG examination will no longer be held on March 12. The replacement dates have not yet been announced. Candidates have also requested that the internship deadline be extended. According to the petitions, MBBS graduates who were unable to complete their internship due to Covid obligation will be disqualified to take the NEET PG 2022.

As a result, they are requesting an extension of the internship deadline and, as a side effect the exam. The deadline for the NEET PG internship competition is May 31. The petition mentioned by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s May 3 announcement to postpone NEET-PG 2021 by at least four months, as well as the fact that final-year MBBS doctors will be used to address minor Covid cases. Six MBBS students petitioned for the exam to be postponed since the NEET PG 2021 counselling dates clashed with the NEET PG 2022 exam. MBBS grads rushed to Twitter and staged digital protests calling for a postponement. The NEET PG exam is scheduled for March 12.

Why was NEET PG Exam postponed?

NEET PG 2022 has been postponed due to high demand from candidates. MBBS graduates wanted two things: the exam to be postponed and the internship deadline to be extended. While the new exam dates have not been published, the Ministry of Health stated that they are exploring the changes since the NEET PG 2021 counselling dates clashed with the NEET PG exam dates, and several applicants were unable to finish their internships until March.

NEET PG exam 2022 postponed by 6-8 weeks

What about internship?

Candidates claimed that they were assigned to Covid duty and hence were unable to finish the one-year period. The deadline for completing the NEET PG internship was March 31. Candidates want a deadline extension. The Supreme Court has been petitioned for an extension of the same. It also advises that the covid-19 obligation be considered as part of the internship to finish years. Those who do not complete their internship will be ineligible for the NEET PG.

NEET PG counselling 2021 dates revised

The Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) launched the registration portal for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test PG 2021, counselling cycle 2 on Friday. Those interested in registering should go to the MCC’s official website,, and fill out the registration form for round 2 counselling. The registration deadline is February 7. Earlier, choice filing was scheduled to end on February 7. The timetable has been altered.

Why NEET PG candidates seek extension in internship deadline?

To be qualified to obtain the NEET PG, applicants must have completed their MBBS, which includes an internship; however, because to the Covid-19 obligation, many students were unable to finish their internship. According to the petitioners, many MBBS graduates will be unable to take the examination due to the failure to complete the obligatory internship term.The petition refers to PM Modi’s speech from 2021, in which he indicated that the services of final-year MBBS doctors were used to manage mild Covid cases, which caused their timetable to be delayed. As a result, NEET PG hopefuls request an extension of the internship completion deadline.

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