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What Is BMO Bank Statement Template?

A BMO Bank Statement Template is a document that customers of BMO (Bank of Montreal) use to readily view their financial transactions over time. The template contains information such as the customer’s name and address, account type, payment history, account balance, and other details. It also contains useful information about the customer’s spending patterns, such as the types of transactions made and the amount deposited or withdrawn. This template is a simple and effective approach to keep track of one’s finances.

Overview of BMO Bank Statement Template

One of the biggest banks in Canada, BMO, created the premium financial document template known as the BMO Bank Statement Template.Users can use this template to produce a professional BMO account statement for use in banking and financial transactions.Users of the template can view, save, and print their statement as a PDF file.  It has a header section with the following information: statement date, BMO account number, and account name.The user can also see a history of their BMO transactions, such as payments, withdrawals, deposits, and transfers.

A summary of account activity, including monthly statement and transaction information, is also provided in the template.The statement can also be altered by the user by including notes, tags, date ranges, and other information. Additionally, users of the template can export their statement as an HTML file for later study.The HTML file contains code that can be used to examine and display the statement’s financial data.Users can also easily share their BMO statement file by uploading it to the cloud.

How to Generate a BMO Bank Statement

Contacting your local BMO Financial Group office and asking about their statement possibilities is the easiest method to create a BMO Bank Statement Template. You might be able to get a printed copy or utilise online banking to examine your activity history and generate a statement, depending on your account type and restrictions. Additionally, a lot of online banking services now allow users to alter the structure of their account statements, enabling the creation of personalised bank statement templates.

Many banks offer online services that allow you to automatically download the statement template. The template can also be examined and provided by the bank’s customer support team. The template can then be adjusted and filled out with the necessary information to generate a legal bank statement.

Benefits of Using a BMO Bank Statement Template

  • Money Management: The BMO Bank Statement Template enables customers to organise their financial information in an effective and orderly manner. It allows users to track their expenses and revenue, making money management easier.
  • Transparency: The BMO Bank Statement Template provides users with a clear picture of their financial trajectory. The template allows users to manage their spending and income, understand where their money is going, and avoid any hidden fees or costs.
  • Tax Refunds: By using the BMO Bank Statement Template, customers may quickly put together a thorough account of their earnings and outgoings to submit to the CRA during tax season. They could file more accurate tax returns as a result, and their refunds might arrive sooner.
  • Secure Transactions: All transactions made using the BMO Bank Statement Template are safe and under the bank’s strict supervision. By doing this, users’ data is protected and they can rest easy knowing their money is secured.

Features of a BMO Bank Statement Template

  1. Simple to adjust layout: The template design is simple to modify, allowing customers to format the information fields to meet their specific demands.
  2. Detailed view of bank transactions: The bank statement template provides a detailed picture of the account history, including all deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.
  3. Transaction summaries: The template includes transaction summaries to help you discover facts like total credits, total debits, and available balance.
  4. Transaction categorization: The template categorises transactions so that users may conveniently track spending, payments, and transfers.
  5. Bank Regulation Compliance: The template follows bank requirements such as standard formats and includes the company name, address, and contact information.
  6. Electronic Versions: The template is available in PDF, Excel, and Word file formats, and it is compatible with online banking systems.

How to access and use BMO Bank Statement Template?

  1. Go to BMO Bank’s official website and look for the “Statement” section.
  2. Choose the suitable template from the list of BMO Bank Statement Templates.
  3. Save the template to your computer and open it with a compatible tool such as Microsoft Excel or Word.
  4. Fill in the required details in the template, such as account name, account number, and transaction information.
  5. Review the statement and ensure that all of the details are correct.
  6. Finally, download and print the template for your own usage.

Fees and charges of BMO Bank Statement Template

  1. Account maintenance fees: Regardless of account balance, BMO will collect a fee of $5 per transaction or $50 per month on all personal and commercial checking and savings accounts.
  2. Fees for Interac e-Transfers: BMO will charge $1.50 for each Interac e-Transfer made from BMO accounts (with certain qualifying conditions).
  3. Overdraft fees: BMO charges a $5 overdraft fee for each outstanding overdraft balance and a $2.50 cost for each item returned owing to insufficient funds.
  4. Foreign exchange commissions: If a transaction includes the exchange of a foreign currency, BMO will incur a 1.5% commission on the transaction amount.
  5. ATM fees: BMO will impose a $2.50 fee for each non-BMO ATM withdrawal.
  6. Cash deposit or withdrawal fees: All cash deposits or withdrawals at a BMO branch or ATM will be charged a $1.50 fee.


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