205 Area Code-Alabama-Phone Lookup, Location Map, Cities

Alabama’s 205 area code covers major cities such as Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Alabaster. This area code has been in use since January 1, 1947, making it the oldest Numbering Plan Area in the overlay complex 205/659. It’s important to note that overlaying area codes cover the same geographic area.

205 Area Code

In which location in the USA is the 205 area code located?

In the United States, the 205 area code is designated for telephone numbers located in the state of Alabama. So, if you’re trying to dial a number from that region or receive a call from there, you’ll notice that the phone number will start with the prefix 205.

Can the location of the 205 area code change over time?

Yes, you can be certain that the phone is located in Alabama. While modern mobile phones typically display the location of the caller, older models may not have this feature. Therefore, if you need to make or receive a call from a phone with a 205 area code, you can be confident that it is located in Alabama.

205 Area Code

How to make an international call to a phone number with 205 area code?

If you’re trying to call a phone number in the 205 area code from outside the United States, you’ll need to follow a specific dialing pattern. First, you’ll need to dial the international prefix for the United States, which is +1. Then, you’ll need to enter the 205 area code, followed by the local phone number you want to reach. So, the complete sequence would be: +1 205 [Phone number].

It’s important to keep in mind that making calls from one country to another can be more expensive than making calls within the same country. So, if you’re calling a 205 area code number from outside the USA, you may incur additional charges. The exact cost of the call will depend on the telephone company you’re using to make the call.

Map of area code 205

Expanding the List of Area Codes in Alabama

  • 251
  • 256
  • 334
  • 659
  • 938

Location of 205 Area Code Phone Number

  • 205-2XX-XXXX
NPANXX Area served
205-200 Springville
205-201 Birmingham
205-202 Birmingham
205-203 Birmingham
205-206 Birmingham
205-207 Springville
205-208 Birmingham
205-209 Birmingham
205-210 Tuscaloosa
205-212 Birmingham
205-213 Birmingham
205-214 Birmingham
205-215 Birmingham
205-216 Alabaster
205-217 Clanton
205-218 Birmingham
205-219 Tuscaloosa
205-220 Birmingham
205-221 Jasper
205-222 Birmingham
205-223 Birmingham
205-224 Birmingham
205-225 Centreville
205-226 Birmingham
205-227 Pell City
205-228 Trussville
205-229 Birmingham
205-230 Bessemer
205-231 Birmingham
205-232 Winfield
205-233 Tuscaloosa
205-234 Birmingham
205-235 Dora
205-236 Birmingham
205-237 Oneonta
205-238 Birmingham
205-239 Tuscaloosa
205-240 Birmingham
205-241 Birmingham
205-242 Tuscaloosa
205-243 Birmingham
205-244 Birmingham
205-245 Thorsby
205-246 Tuscaloosa
205-247 Tuscaloosa
205-248 Tuscaloosa
205-249 Birmingham
205-250 Birmingham
205-251 Birmingham
205-252 Birmingham
205-253 Birmingham
205-254 Birmingham
205-255 Dora
205-257 Birmingham
205-258 Clanton
205-259 Birmingham
205-260 Bessemer
205-261 Birmingham
205-262 Birmingham
205-263 Birmingham
205-264 Birmingham
205-265 Jasper
205-266 Birmingham
205-267 Bessemer
205-268 Birmingham
205-269 Haleyville
205-270 Fayette
205-271 Birmingham
205-272 Double Springs
205-273 Detroit
205-274 Oneonta
205-275 Jasper
205-276 Birmingham
205-277 Bessemer
205-278 Birmingham
205-279 Birmingham
205-280 Clanton
205-281 Birmingham
205-282 Jasper
205-283 Birmingham
205-284 Tuscaloosa
205-285 Gardendale
205-286 West Blocton
205-287 Clanton
205-288 Birmingham
205-289 Warrior
205-290 Birmingham
205-291 Vincent
205-292 Tuscaloosa
205-293 Centreville
205-294 Clanton
205-295 Jasper
205-296 Birmingham
205-297 Birmingham
205-298 Birmingham
205-299 Clanton

List of Cities within the 205 Area Code

City County Time
Abernant Tuscaloosa C
Adamsville Jefferson C
Adger Jefferson C
Akron Hale C
Alabaster Shelby C
Aliceville Pickens C
Allgood Blount C
Alton Jefferson C
Altoona Etowah C
Arley Winston C
Ashville St Clair C
Bankston Fayette C
Bear Creek Marion C
Beaverton Lamar C
Belk Fayette C
Bellamy Sumter C
Berry Fayette C
Bessemer Jefferson C
Billingsley Autauga C
Birmingham Jefferson C
Blountsville Blount C
Boligee Greene C
Brent Bibb C
Brierfield Bibb C
Brilliant Marion C
Brookside Jefferson C
Brookwood Tuscaloosa C
Buhl Tuscaloosa C
Burnwell Walker C
Butler Choctaw C
Calera Shelby C
Carbon Hill Walker C
Cardiff Jefferson C
Carrollton Pickens C
Centreville Bibb C
Chelsea Shelby C
Clanton Chilton C
Clay Jefferson C
Cleveland Blount C
Clinton Greene C
Coaling Tuscaloosa C
Coker Tuscaloosa C
Columbiana Shelby C
Cook Springs St Clair C
Cordova Walker C
Cottondale Tuscaloosa C
Cropwell St Clair C
Cuba Sumter C
Delmar Winston C
Detroit Lamar C
Docena Jefferson C
Dolomite Jefferson C
Dora Jefferson C
Double Springs Winston C
Duncanville Tuscaloosa C
Echola Tuscaloosa C
Eldridge Walker C
Elrod Tuscaloosa C
Emelle Sumter C
Empire Walker C
Epes Sumter C
Ethelsville Pickens C
Eutaw Greene C
Fairfield Jefferson C
Fayette Fayette C
Fosters Tuscaloosa C
Fultondale Jefferson C
Gainesville Sumter C
Gardendale Jefferson C
Glen Allen Fayette C
Goodsprings Walker C
Gordo Pickens C
Graysville Jefferson C
Green Pond Bibb C
Guin Marion C
Hackleburg Marion C
Haleyville Winston C
Hamilton Marion C
Harpersville Shelby C
Hayden Blount C
Helena Shelby C
Hodges Franklin C
Irondale Jefferson C
Jachin Choctaw C
Jasper Walker C
Jemison Chilton C
Kansas Walker C
Kellerman Tuscaloosa C
Kennedy Lamar C
Kimberly Jefferson C
Knoxville Greene C
Leeds Jefferson C
Lisman Choctaw C
Livingston Sumter C
Locust Fork Blount C
Lynn Winston C
Maplesville Chilton C
Margaret St Clair C
Maylene Shelby C
Mc Calla Jefferson C
Mc Shan Pickens C
Millport Lamar C
Montevallo Shelby C
Moody St Clair C
Morris Jefferson C
Moundville Hale C
Mount Olive Jefferson C
Mulga Jefferson C
Natural Bridge Winston C
Nauvoo Walker C
Needham Choctaw C
New Castle Jefferson C
Northport Tuscaloosa C
Oakman Walker C
Odenville St Clair C
Oneonta Blount C
Palmerdale Jefferson C
Panola Sumter C
Parrish Walker C
Pelham Shelby C
Pell City St Clair C
Pennington Choctaw C
Peterson Tuscaloosa C
Phil Campbell Franklin C
Pinson Jefferson C
Pleasant Grove Jefferson C
Quinton Walker C
Ragland St Clair C
Ralph Tuscaloosa C
Reform Pickens C
Remlap Blount C
Riverside St Clair C
Saginaw Shelby C
Samantha Tuscaloosa C
Sayre Jefferson C
Shannon Jefferson C
Shelby Shelby C
Siluria Shelby C
Sipsey Walker C
Springville St Clair C
Sterrett Shelby C
Sulligent Lamar C
Sumiton Walker C
Thorsby Chilton C
Townley Walker C
Trafford Blount C
Trussville Jefferson C
Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa C
Vance Tuscaloosa C
Vandiver Shelby C
Verbena Chilton C
Vernon Lamar C
Vincent Shelby C
Walnut Grove Etowah C
Ward Choctaw C
Warrior Jefferson C
Watson Jefferson C
Wattsville St Clair C
West Blocton Bibb C
West Greene Greene C
Westover Shelby C
Wilsonville Shelby C
Wilton Shelby C
Winfield Marion C
Woodstock Bibb C
York Sumter C


The 205 area code covers a wide range of places, including many cities and towns. We’ve listed the largest ones, especially when there are multiple places with the same name. If you’re looking for a city with a population over 50,000, you’ll find them in bold text. It’s worth noting that the C in the time zone abbreviation stands for Central.

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