204 Area Code-Manitoba, Canada Location Phone Number, Map, Cities

Manitoba (MB), Canada is home to  204 area code, which covers a variety of locations including Winnipeg, Brandon, Steinbach, and more. This area code has been in use since January 01, 1947, making it the oldest Numbering Plan Area in the overlay complex 204/431/584. It’s important to note that overlaying area codes cover the same geographic area, providing additional options for phone numbers in the region.

204 Area Code

About 204 Area Code

If you’re looking to connect with people in Manitoba, Canada, it’s important to know that their phone numbers typically start with the 204 area code. This province is home to many individuals who may be potential customers or clients for your business.

Whether you run a call center, virtual travel agency, or any other type of business that relies on phone communication, having a 204 area code phone number can help you better connect with these individuals.

Fortunately, it’s easy to obtain a virtual phone number that uses this area code. By doing so, you can expand your reach, improve customer service, and build stronger relationships with your clients. Ultimately, this can lead to increased sales and greater success for your business.

204 Area Code Location

When you hear the 204 area code, you might immediately think of Winnipeg, which is home to over 800,000 people. However, this area code actually covers the entire province of Manitoba. If you look at a map, you’ll see that Manitoba is located to the east of Saskatchewan and to the west of Ontario.

Within Manitoba, there are ten different cities, with Winnipeg being the biggest and serving as the capital. The other nine cities include Brandon, Dauphin, Flin Flon, Morden, Portage la Prairie, Selkirk, Steinbach, Thompson, and Winkler.

History of 204 Area Code

Back in 1947, the North American Numbering Plan Administration had a big task on their hands: dividing phone numbers for the United States and Canada. They accomplished this by assigning three-digit prefixes, or area codes, to phone numbers in specific regions of both countries.

Originally, there were 86 area codes, and 204 area code was one of them. However, experts predicted that all 204 area code numbers would be used up by 2009, which was only a few years away.

To address this issue, the NANP introduced the 431 area code in November of 2012. Nowadays, both 431 and 204 are used as area codes for Manitoba province, serving both residents and business owners.

Information About 204 Area Code

Manitoba, a province in Canada, is home to approximately 1.379 million people. It spans over 250,900 square miles, making it a vast area for a single area code to cover. In terms of time zone, Manitoba follows Central Daylight Time, which is shared by several other US states and countries, such as Mexico, South Dakota, Honduras, Iowa, Guatemala, and many others.

204 Area code Map

More Manitoba area codes

204 Area Code Phone Number Location

NPANXX Area served
204-200 Winnipeg
204-201 Winnipeg
204-202 Winnipeg
204-203 Poplar Point
204-205 Beausejour
204-206 Teulon
204-207 Roblin
204-208 Pilot Mound
204-209 Morris
204-210 Minnedosa
204-212 Neepawa
204-213 Lac Du Bonnet
204-214 Eriksdale
204-215 Boissevain
204-216 Altona
204-217 Altona
204-218 Winnipeg
204-219 Winnipeg
204-220 Winnipeg
204-221 Winnipeg
204-222 Winnipeg
204-223 Winnipeg
204-224 Winnipeg
204-225 Winnipeg
204-226 Winnipeg
204-227 Winnipeg
204-228 Winnipeg
204-229 Winnipeg
204-230 Winnipeg
204-231 Winnipeg
204-232 Winnipeg
204-233 Winnipeg
204-234 Oakburn
204-235 Winnipeg
204-236 Birch River
204-237 Winnipeg
204-238 Bowsman
204-239 Portage La Prairie
204-240 Portage La Prairie
204-241 Southport
204-242 Manitou
204-243 Poplar Point
204-244 Poplar River
204-245 Pilot Mound
204-246 Darlingford
204-247 Roblin
204-248 Notre Dame De Lourdes
204-249 Portage La Prairie
204-250 Winnipeg
204-251 Winnipeg
204-252 Edwin
204-253 Winnipeg
204-254 Winnipeg
204-255 Winnipeg
204-256 Winnipeg
204-257 Winnipeg
204-258 Winnipeg
204-259 Winnipeg
204-260 Winnipeg
204-261 Winnipeg
204-262 Winnipeg
204-263 Pine River
204-264 Melita
204-265 Brokenhead
204-266 Beausejour
204-267 Oakville
204-268 Beausejour
204-269 Winnipeg
204-270 Lorette
204-271 Flin Flon
204-272 Winnipeg
204-274 Macdonald
204-275 Winnipeg
204-276 Pine Dock
204-277 Bissett
204-278 Inwood
204-279 Hecla
204-280 Eriksdale
204-281 Swan River
204-282 Winnipeg
204-283 Winnipeg
204-284 Winnipeg
204-285 Winnipeg
204-286 Thicket Portage
204-287 Winnipeg
204-288 Ilford
204-289 Winnipeg
204-290 Winnipeg
204-291 Winnipeg
204-292 Winnipeg
204-293 Winnipeg
204-294 Winnipeg
204-295 Winnipeg
204-296 Winnipeg
204-297 Winnipeg
204-298 Winnipeg
204-299 Winnipeg

204 Area Code Cities

City Time
Alexander C
Alonsa C
Altamont C
Altona C
Amaranth C
Angusville C
Anola C
Arborg C
Arden C
Argyle C
Arnaud C
Arnes C
Arrow River C
Ashern C
Ashville C
Aubigny C
Austin C
Bagot C
Baldur C
Balmoral C
Barrows C
Beaconia C
Beausejour C
Belair C
Belleview C
Belmont C
Benito C
Berens River C
Bethany C
Beulah C
Binscarth C
Birch River C
Birnie C
Birtle C
Bissett C
Bloodvein C
Blumenort C
Boggy Creek C
Boissevain C
Bowsman C
Bradwardine C
Brandon C
Broad Valley C
Brochet C
Brookdale C
Brunkild C
Bruxelles C
Buffalo Point C
Camp Morton C
Camperville C
Carberry C
Cardale C
Carlowrie C
Carman C
Carroll C
Cartier C
Cartwright C
Cayer C
Channing C
Chatfield C
Churchill C
Clandeboye C
Clanwilliam C
Clearwater C
Cormorant C
Coulter C
Cowan C
Cranberry Portage C
Crandall C
Crane River C
Cromer C
Cross Lake C
Crystal City C
Cypress River C
Dacotah C
Dakota Tipi C
Dallas C
Darlingford C
Dauphin C
Decker C
Deleau C
Deloraine C
Domain C
Dominion City C
Douglas C
Dropmore C
Duck Bay C
Dufresne C
Dufrost C
Dugald C
Dunrea C
Durban C
East Braintree C
East Selkirk C
East St Paul C
Easterville C
Ebb And Flow C
Eddystone C
Eden C
Edwin C
Elgin C
Elie C
Elkhorn C
Elm Creek C
Elma C
Elphinstone C
Emerson C
Erickson C
Eriksdale C
Ethelbert C
Fairfax C
Fairford C
Falcon Beach C
Fannystelle C
Faulkner C
Fisher Branch C
Flin Flon C
Fork River C
Forrest Station C
Fort Alexander C
Foxwarren C
Franklin C
Fraserwood C
Gardenton C
Garland C
Garson C
Gilbert Plains C
Gillam C
Gimli C
Ginew C
Giroux C
Gladstone C
Glenboro C
Glenella C
Glenlea C
Glenora C
Gods Lake Narrows C
Gods River C
Goodlands C
Grahamdale C
Grand Marais C
Grand Rapids C
Grande Pointe C
Grandview C
Granville Lake C
Graysville C
Great Falls C
Green Ridge C
Gretna C
Griswold C
Grosse Isle C
Grunthal C
Gunton C
Gypsumville C
Hadashville C
Halbstadt C
Hamiota C
Harding C
Hargrave C
Hartney C
Haywood C
Hazelridge C
Headingley C
High Bluff C
Hilbre C
Hodgson C
Holland C
Holmfield C
Homewood C
Horndean C
Howden C
Ile Des Chenes C
Ilford C
Inglis C
Inwood C
Isabella C
Island Lake C
Justice C
Kelwood C
Kenton C
Kenville C
Killarney C
Kinosota C
Kirkella C
Kleefeld C
Kola C
Komarno C
Koostatak C
La Barriere C
La Broquerie C
La Riviere C
La Salle C
Lac Brochet C
Lac Du Bonnet C
Lake Audy C
Lake Francis C
Lake Manitoba First Nation C
Lakeland C
Landmark C
Langruth C
Lauder C
Laurier C
Lavenham C
Leaf Rapids C
Lenore C
Letellier C
Libau C
Little Bullhead C
Little Grand Rapids C
Lockport C
Lorette C
Lowe Farm C
Lundar C
Lyleton C
Lynn Lake C
Macdonald C
Macgregor C
Mafeking C
Makinak C
Malonton C
Manigotagan C
Manitou C
Manson C
Marchand C
Margaret C
Mariapolis C
Marius C
Marquette C
Mather C
Matheson Island C
Matlock C
McAuley C
McCreary C
Meadow Portage C
Medora C
Meleb C
Melita C
Menisino C
Menzie C
Miami C
Middlebro C
Miniota C
Minitonas C
Minnedosa C
Minto C
Mitchell C
Moose Lake C
Moosehorn C
Morden C
Morris C
Mountain Road C
Mulvihill C
Napinka C
Narcisse C
Neepawa C
Negginan C
Nelson House C
Nesbitt C
New Bothwell C
Newdale C
Newton Siding C
Ninette C
Ninga C
Niverville C
Norway House C
Notre Dame De Lourdes C
O’Hanly C
Oak Bluff C
Oak Lake C
Oak Point C
Oak River C
Oakbank C
Oakburn C
Oakview C
Oakville C
Ochre River C
Olha C
Onanole C
Opaskwayak C
Otterburne C
Overstoneville C
Oxford House C
Pansy C
Pauingassi C
Peguis C
Pelican Rapids C
Petersfield C
Pierson C
Pikwitonei C
Pilot Mound C
Pinawa C
Pine Falls C
Pine River C
Piney C
Pipestone C
Plum Coulee C
Plumas C
Pointe Du Bois C
Polonia C
Poplar Point C
Poplarfield C
Portage La Prairie C
Powerview C
Pratt C
Princess Harbour C
Pukatawagan C
Randolph C
Rapid City C
Rathwell C
Red Sucker Lake C
Reinfeld C
Rennie C
Renwer C
Reston C
Richer C
Ridgeville C
Riding Mountain C
River Hills C
Rivers C
Riverton C
Roblin C
Rock Ridge C
Roland C
Rorketon C
Rosa C
Roseau River C
Roseisle C
Rosenfeld C
Rosenort C
Rossburn C
Rossendale C
Rosser C
Russell C
San Clara C
Sandilands C
Sandy Hook C
Sandy Lake C
Sanford C
Sarto C
Scanterbury C
Schanzenfeld C
Seddons Corner C
Selkirk C
Seven Sisters Falls C
Shamattawa C
Shellmouth C
Sherridon C
Shilo C
Shoal Lake C
Shortdale C
Sidney C
Sifton C
Silver C
Silver Ridge C
Sinclair C
Skownan C
Snow Lake C
Snowflake C
Solsgirth C
Somerset C
Souris C
South Indian Lake C
South Junction C
Southport C
Sperling C
Split Lake C
Sprague C
Springfield C
Springstein C
St Adolphe C
St Alphonse C
St Ambroise C
St Andrews C
St Claude C
St Clements C
St Eustache C
St Francois Xavier C
St Georges C
St Germain South C
St Jean Baptiste C
St Joseph C
St Laurent C
St Lazare C
St Leon C
St Malo C
St Marks C
St Martin C
St Pierre Jolys C
St Theresa Point C
Starbuck C
Ste Agathe C
Ste Anne C
Ste Rose Du Lac C
Stead C
Steep Rock C
Steinbach C
Stephenfield C
Stevenson Island C
Stockton C
Stonewall C
Stony Mountain C
Strathclair C
Stuartburn C
Sundown C
Swan Lake C
Swan River C
Tadoule Lake C
Teulon C
The Pas C
Thicket Portage C
Thompson C
Thornhill C
Tilston C
Tolstoi C
Tourond C
Toutes Aides C
Traverse Bay C
Treherne C
Tyndall C
Valley River C
Vassar C
Vermette C
Victoria Beach C
Virden C
Vista C
Vita C
Vogar C
Wabowden C
Waldersee C
Wanipigow C
Wanless C
Warren C
Wasagamack C
Wasagaming C
Waskada C
Waterhen C
Wawanesa C
Waywayseecappo C
Wellwood C
West St Paul C
Westbourne C
Whitemouth C
Whiteshell C
Winkler C
Winnipeg C
Winnipeg Beach C
Winnipegosis C
Woodlands C
Woodmore C
Woodridge C
Woodside C
York Landing C
Zhoda C



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